Dispute Resolution and Debt Collection

Our team has significant and recognized experience in corporate and commercial dispute resolution, including bankruptcy proceedings, construction disputes, property and labour disputes, as we provide representation in court proceedings – claim and interim and precautionary measures proceedings.

We advise and represent clients in tax, customs and public procurement proceedings.

We provide legal consultancy and successfully represent clients in alternative dispute resolution proceedings – domestic and international arbitration, in mediation proceedings and before Dispute Adjudication Boards (DABs) under FIDIC forms of contract.

Our team performs preliminary analysis of the respective dispute, including its expected outcome, striving to propose an optimal option for its resolution, makes the necessary preparations for initiating the relevant proceedings, representing the client before the relevant authorities till the final resolution of the dispute.

Our successful practice includes in-court and out-of-court debt collection, thoroughly researching the legal and financial situation of debtors and developing the best possible debt collection strategy.