Employment and whistleblowing compliance

Penkova & Partners provides comprehensive advice and has individual approach to the complexity of the employers’ requirements in different industries. Our considerable practice, related to different aspects of employment, includes:
• employment agreements – drafting, negotiating and termination;
• collective dismissals;
• disciplinary actions;
• employees’ liability;
• hiring non- EU citizens in Bulgaria and related issues, obtaining visa, work permit and stay permit;
• health and safety at work.

We have a long-term experience in dispute resolution of labour disputes concerning termination of employment relations, employees’ liability, compensations in case of non-performance of obligations under training agreements and agreements on upgrading the qualification, etc.

We provide consultancy regarding the application of the Protection of Persons Who Report or Publicly Disclose Information on Breaches Act (“Whistleblowing Act”) and the obligations of employers, including:
• consultations of the obligated under the Whistleblowing Act entities in relation to its application;
• adoption of internal rules related to the internal reporting and follow-up on reports;
• establishment of an internal reporting channel for internal reporting of breaches;
• establishment and maintaining of a register of reports;
• training for the employees of the obligated entities, responsible for the reviewing of reports;
• consultations on processing of personal data within the whistleblowing procedure.